123 HP Printer ePrint Setup

123 HP Printer ePrint Setup

We are an online printer assistance site, with the aim of helping the users to have a smooth and flawless printing experience on 123 HP Printer ePrint Setup.

Generally speaking, the ePrint is the most favorable technique of printing documents. You can send documents to the printer from any device. Being one of the easiest ways of printing with an internet facility, this is rather not available on all printer models. Check with our online guidance center, if your printer device contains this facility.

Check for these criteria before you decide to opt for an ePrint setup:

  • To begin with, you check if the model you own supports the ePrint facility.
  • In case the ePrint services enable you can see logo appears on the device.
  • The Web services shall let you identify if your model of HP device contains such ePrint facility.
  • Get an active internet facility for connection. If Ethernet is your choice, ensure that the cable lights are active.

Enable the Web Services

  • Web services can let the users’ device communicate to the net through printing services.
  • Since the ePrint facility is based on web services it is easy to connect from anywhere to print irrespective of location.
  • To accomplish the 123 HP printer ePrint setup, the Web services function must be turned on, if you want to use this ePrint facility.
  • Instantly you can give print commands from any location from any of the connected devices like the computer or laptop or Smartphone to an ePrint-enabled printer.
  • On the whole, the print jobs should not exceed the attachment size of 10MB for a single print order.

Check the File Formats supported by ePrint:

In general, the file formats that are supported by ePrint are:

  • The text (.txt) formats
  • The PDF formats
  • The HTML formats
  • The Ms Word (.doc and .docx) formats
  • The Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx) formats and
  • The Ms Excel (.xls and .xlsx) formats

How to print from any connected device?

  • To begin with the sign into the account and choose the document for print.
  • Choose the printer from the list of enabled printers
  • Click the Send button, to send email from the device to the email address of the printer.
  • Instantly you can collect the hard copies of the documents from the Printer Tray.

On the whole, there is lot more information available on 123 HP COM Support website pertaining to 123 HP printer ePrint setup.

Alternatively, you can also call our support team for additional guidance through the toll-free number +1-888-319-4410 or visit https://123hpcomsetup.comtech365.com.